Fine Art

Below are some of my favorite Fine Art pieces from over the years.

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  • Private Commissons
    Early Years
    A lot of figurative work. Figures interacting.
  • Personal Portraits
    Grid Paintings
    Dipping my toe into more expressionistic territory.
  • Courthouse Corporate
    Latest style blending abstract elements with objective rendering.

Latest Work

Two examples of some recent work. I guess I could describe my more recent work as maximalist. For a complete portfolio, see the dropdown menu above.

Abstract No 3

Abstrictish Number3

Oil on Linen 30"x40"
Emoji Cab

Emoji Cab

Oil on Linen 48"x48"
Last Chance
Encaustic Painting
Running Man
Bather IV
Outdoor with Bird
Dangerous Objects V
Emoji Earth

Suburbia Painting
Multiple Painting
Fleur de Lis
Carousel Painting
Pattern Girl Painting
Girl with Flowers
Swimming Pool Painting


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Alan Brown is a private art studio in Central New Jersey. Please contact me for any questions about acquiring either fine art or for a portrait commission.


Alan Brown
Alan Brown Fine Artist
Woodbridge - New Jersey