Life Drawing

Until Covid I had been life drawing or figure drawing since undergraduate school. Here are some of the better life drawings below.

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  • Private Commissons
    Charcoal or Conte
    Most of my life drawings are with charcoal or conte pencil.
  • Personal Portraits
    Watercolor and Ink
    The works in color are from longer poses.
  • Courthouse Corporate
    Some of the bluish drawings were drawn with NuPastel but used really like a charcoal stick.

Latest Work

Below is a selection of my favorites from over the years.

Pastel Life Drawing

NuPastel Drawing

Charcoal texture with a monochrome
Watercolor Nude

Watercolor and Ink

Long pose with time to render
Life Model
Long Pose
Male Life Drawing
Charcoal Life Drawing
Drawing NuPastel
Sitting Male

Charcoal Pencil
Reclining Figure
Same Model
Sleeping Model
Figure in Charcoal
NuPastel Drawing
Sleeping Model
Double Model

Charcoal Pencil Drawing
Male Reclining
Male Portrait
Female Drawing
Male Nude
Female Pencil
Back Pose
Watercolor Figure

Sanguine Pencli
Charcoal Figure
Sleeping Model
Long Pose in Color
Life Drawing IIV
Female Drawing
Sanguine Pencil Drawing
Reclining Figure


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Alan Brown is a private art studio in Central New Jersey. Please contact me for any questions about acquiring either fine art or for a portrait commission.


Alan Brown
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